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Our Story

Our idea happened several years ago. Two guys of a certain age with a mutual interest in clothing and the fashion industry. Our motivation was simple...

Finding really good quality clothing, off the shelf, that could be worn casually or socially was not an easy ask without an inflated investment, and that sometimes did little to guarantee great quality. So, for years James and I had been frustrated by the lack of access to stylish UK designs with a quality and finish that would last.

So we started JAMA.

Jama products are made using the highest quality cotton fabrics and are professionally designed in the UK. Sizing is on the generous size but there is no need to order down and shrinkage should be minimal provided items are washed at no more than 40C. Manufacture takes place in China at a fully accredited factory. All efforts are made to reduce our carbon footprint including shipping and packaging practices that limit our effect on the environment

Simple yet stylish loungewear

Using nothing but the highest quality fabrics. The stitching, accurate, consistent, discrete. The details, it’s always about the details, are carefully thought out and executed. Finally (and possibly most importantly), like a good pair of jeans, JAMA clothes blend and merge to the wearer so that, no matter the fit, you feel good whenever you wear them.

The beauty is in the details

Our range is small, but we believe, perfectly curated, our colours and details add style and identity to the products. On each and every JAMA garment, you'll find subtle touches that ensures each piece has its own individual character. We are infinitely proud of what we have created so far, and hope you feel as good wearing our clothes as we do making them.

Quality that stands the test of time

We're not into throw away fashion. Using only the highest quality materials and workmanship, our aim is to give you that true hero item for your wardrobe that you can wear any time, anywhere, and for years to come.

Expertly designed, here in the UK

Our design agency partners, HOOK & EYE UK, now in the famous Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham have been invaluable on our journey, directed and moulded our ideas, bought the designs to life and have been powerful enablers from day one.

UK Designed

Free UK Delivery & Returns

Slow Fashion

Built to last