Another step in the journey

Jama clothing model wearing sweatshirt

Sticking to the plan

We'd be the first to admit there have been times when we just wanted to get moving before going through the elements of starting any business.

When starting Jama, receivingĀ our first clothing samples was a major part of the road map. Once we had actual garments in our hands, then we knew things were getting real.Ā 

That's when the work startsĀ in creating an actual trading entity, a business that provides a product to customers that really want those products.


Ultimately, you can never have too much resource, and for us this resource, initially at least, has been photographic.

Investing the time and money to acquire the right models, the right photographer and the right styles took a little putting together, it required energy and time, and, the results bear the fruits. Its easy to look at a million glossy Insta posts and reels and not think just momentarily about the creativity, know how, and investment these take.

We both have a new found respect for the social media side of business and are keen to learn as much as we can to engage in a way that provides payback for the resources we have expended so far in this experience, all businesses need a quid pro quo, and Jama is no different.

Getting our first studio shots was a great experience. The collection arising from a hard day in the studio was worth every penny and justifies the means without exception. Doing it cheaper, may have been an option, but really, to do the range justice, to do any product justice, you just have to go with the professionals and the results speak for themselves.