The Debut Collection is now here!

Models wearing JAMA clothing loungewear

So, finally we are here! Our first clothing drop has arrived and we are finally up and running.

The reality though is that it's been a 23 month journey, nigh on two years from incorporating the business to this point today.

So many people start their own brands, and other businesses, but we planned to succeed from the outset and that meant taking risks with money that many other business starters don't fully account for. Not that James and I are better business folk than others, but we had distinctly honest and open discussions from the very beginning about how much cash we could inject and how important it was to do things, right from the very start, that would define Jama as a business and a brand.

We wanted a clothing business - tick, why? Because we love clothing, and especially high quality, long lasting fashion, tick. We wanted our brand to have its own design signature and style - tick, and we want to be around for the long haul.

So we knew what we knew, and importantly, and maybe due to our outlooks on life, we also knew what we didn't know!  And that's important. It means that from day one we needed a partner that could enable Jama to get the right designs, the right manufacturing partner, the best advice, and much more than that - tell us what we didn't know, even if we may have thought we did.

Professional support

We chose to work with Hook & Eye UK, one of the UK's leading clothing consultancies, an all-service partner. Working with such an experienced team provides Jama with not only the access to UK designs and fashion know how, but also the confidence in having a team behind us that can direct and advise on topics that, as a new business in the Industry, we just couldn't hope to understand fully without the help from their team.

Investing wisely

Money well spent is as important in business as money well earned and without doubt, early investment to create, sample and manifest our ideas has been cathartic for us, knowing at each step what the objectives are, what the costs will be, and when they will be delivered.

Our ethos from the start has been to invest in high quality materials and manufacturing, so that our clothes provide you, as our customer, with a garment that you can keep and wear with pride for years to come.

That investment does come at a cost, but is well worth it. Seeing your first set of clothing samples on a model, worn in earnest, is truly a great feeling and one that we will feel more and more as our brand grows.

I hope that you enjoy wearing Jama clothes as much as we've enjoyed making them.